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Replacement parts for any of Vacudyne's lines of equipment can be requested using the cart below. For older equipment with out-of-production components, we are able to recommend replacements. There is also a full line of options that can be ordered for retrofitting. For equipment in excess of 10 years old, the current functional equivalent will be provided.

Parts orders have a minimum order amount of $250 or $50 processing fee.

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Part Number Descriptionsort descending Machine Type Category
594MY50HP326T1800EXP Sterilizer Vacuum Pump System
411MY10063 Sterilizer Vacuum Pump System
707MY91400C034R06B15 Sterilizer Vaporizer
421MS300L10A5A2075MT Not Listed Other
706MB03479075 Sterilizer Steam Heating System
600MY04 Sterilizer Steam Heating System
694mytp50-240-2 Sterilizer Steam Heating System
406MU548AFANY0-30 Sterilizer Pressure Transducer Piping
754MS3121430HV15P Sterilizer Pressure Transducer Piping
702MAKPP4232K30 Sterilizer Door System, Other