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Oil Purifier

The Oil Filtration Systems

remove impurities and restores / improves the chemical and physical properties of lubricating oils. The system incorporates high vacuum and mechanical filtration to dehydration, degasification and filter contaminated oil. Engineered with functionality and versatility to meet a wide range of applications with features such as: an inlet pump capable of drawing oil from long distances and low elevations, a unique multi-level vacuum chamber design for rapid degasification, a sophisticated heating control scheme to insure safe and efficient processing of the contaminated oil, and a variable speed outlet pump to return the processed oil to the equipment being serviced. Control, monitoring, and user interaction is accomplished through an industrial grade touchscreen operator interface. All parameters are easily viewed and adjusted through this interface along with viewing of current and historical data.



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The Vacudyne Oil Purification Systems incorporate high vacuum and mechanical filtration to dehydration, degasification and filter contaminated oil.

Models Includes:

  • NG Oil Purifier System (High Water Content)
  • VOP-ST Oil Purification System (70 gph)
  • VOP-1T Oil Purification System (100 gph)
  • VOP-3T Oil Purification System (300 gph)
  • VOP-6T Oil Purification System (600 gph)
  • VOP-12T Oil Purification System (1200 gph)
  • VOP-18T Oil Purification System (1800 gph)
  • VOP-24T Oil Purification System (2400 gph)
  • VOP-30T Oil Purification System (3000 gph)
  • VOP-40T Oil Purification System (4000 gph)



Models Typically include:

  • Vacudyne's unique multi level vacuum chamber design
  • Automated control system for ease of use and unattended operation
  • Intuitive display of vacuum, pressure, temperature and filter conditions
  • Easy access to all operating parameters
  • Built-in logging buffer for historical informaiton retrieval
  • Electronic flow meter with lifetime and user resettable displays
  • VFD pump drives
  • Oil level control including high and low oil level safety shutdown
  • Multi-stage foam control for optimal processing
  • TEFC motors
  • Oil pump with single mechanical seals
  • Low watt density heaters to aid in water removal
  • NEMA 4 control cabinet with operator controls
  • Inlet and outlet filters for particulate removal
  • Booster / backer vacuum pump to ensure a deep consistent vacuum
  • Thermostatically controlled heater with selectable capacity
  • Heavy duty rigid steel construction for long lasting durability
  • Oil retentive skid design for spill containment


  • Flow capabilities from 70 GPH to over 4000 GPH
  • Fuller's earth cartridge
  • Remote monitoring
  • Vacuum pump upgrades
  • Hose monitors with automatic shutoff
  • Moisture analyzer
  • Oil trap with level sensor
  • Oil inhibitor system
  • Liquid nitrogen trap
  • Particulate analyzer
  • Alternate power configurations
  • Additional Options available, contact us with your specific needs


  • Hydraulic Oil
  • Lubricating Oil
  • Turbine Oil
  • Refrigerent Oil
  • Other liquid applications requiring the removal of impurities and restoration


Water Removal: 100 ppm to < 5 ppm by ASTM method D1533
Total Gas Content: 12% to < 0.25% by volume by ASTM method D2945
Particulate Removal: Filters 99% of particulates ≥ 0.5 microns
Dielectric Strength: Restores the oil dielecric strength to manufacturer's original specification by ASTM method D1816


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Oil Filtration Systems